About Us

What makes TKO special?

TKO Pest Control has been around for over 20 years and maintains a large local customer base because of our focus on relationships rather than mere profit. Our company is big enough to handle all the pest control needs of local residents and business owners but small enough to ensure customers get personalized and dedicated services.

That’s why we have over 95% customer retention rate. We strongly believe that happy employees which are invested in the company’s reputation and success encourages them to go the extra mile to keep all our customers happy. Happy and satisfied customers is ultimately our #1 goal.

This focus and emphasis on relationships makes TKO special and attracts a large number of customers to the brand. They know we have their best interests at heart and will provide the most honest advice on every single call.

Pest Control Process

The safety of our customers and employees is our primary concern when we are carrying out any pest control treatment. During the initial consultation, our technicians ask customers a number of questions regarding their family status such as, do you have any small children or pets, and is anyone in the home pregnant. We also need to learn about structural conditions of their property, current or past pest problems, the presence of leakages, and other such factors.

The team will also thoroughly examine the interior and exterior of the property to look for causes of pest infestation like dirty gutters, missing attic vents, wood piles close to home, etc. This gives them a good idea how to eliminate the pests from the property.

Private Technician

All residential and commercial clients are assigned their own private technician and point of contact. This ensures they get prompt assistance and a comprehensive service whenever they need it. These private technicians work with clients on every pest control requirement so they are aware of the client’s pest control history and vulnerabilities on their property. It allows them to offer tailored advice to the clients and provide the most effective pest control services.

Our pest control technicians attend on going educational classes and seminars throughout the year, to ensure that they are kept up with the most recent safe and effective techniques and materials available to our industry.

Our unique approach ensures that customers get consistent and reliable services, and all their problems are handled promptly. TKO is a licensed, certified, and insured pest control company. We’re a member of both the Pennsylvania and National Pest Management Association and members of Local Chamber of Commerce so we always adhere to established industry standards when it comes to pest control and related services.

If you want to know more about TKO Pest Control or want to book a service, don’t hesitate to contact us today and ask for a consultation!